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Kaiping City Pump Pump Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

It has been established by the excellent technical personnel and senior business backbones who have many years of experience in producing water pumps in the pump factory of Kaiping City, Guangdong Province. (The original Kaiping Pump Factory in Guangdong Province was founded in 1956. It has a history of more than 50 years of professional production of water pumps. It has won the honorary title of “National Quality Service Satisfaction Unit”, and its S-series horizontal single-stage double suction pump. DL vertical multistage centrifugal pumps have won the honorary titles of “Guangdong Province Excellent Products” and “Science and Technology Progress Award” respectively. Kaiping City Pump Pump Manufacturing Co., Ltd. inherits the original culture and exquisite production service technology of the original pump factory in Kaiping City, Guangdong Province, and improves and improves it.

Factory display

Do you always

encounter such problems when using a water pump?

Is there insufficient pressure during the use of the pump?

The pump is overheated, affecting normal operation?

Does the pump consume too much oil and often leaks oil?

Short service life, how many times do you change it in less than one year?

Choose the advantage of Kai Beng


Years of industry experience

With many years of production and sales experience, quality and technology are progressing, professional technical team, rich production experience and strong technology to create quality products for you!

Scientific information management

The company fully implements the ISO9001 system and operates effectively. It also fully implements ERP information management and establishes a multi-level quality monitoring and assurance system, so that all processes are under control.

Continuous innovation and continuous breakthrough

With science and technology as the forerunner, we will continue to carry out technological innovations and strive to develop new products that meet market demand and customer satisfaction. There are twenty-six series of pumps and more than 10,000 specifications.

Intimate after-sales protection

We provide you with detailed product information brochures and diversified product selection space for free. We provide on-site guidance for installation and commissioning according to your needs. During the warranty period, we implement three guarantees for the products, and the products are paid for after the warranty period.

Pump manufacturer integrating production, scientific research, sales and service

The company continues to carry out technological innovation, and now has 26 series of pumps for production and operation, more than 10,000 specifications.

Service Hotline:13702703232

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